Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Paudha" the plant ...... watch it grow !

Since the last post more than a year ago,  there have been many changes.

I have stopped  trying out my hands at filming. And fiddling with Windows Movie Maker. 

The daughter , Pankaja, who did the videography for my first film ,  recently got married to Akshay .

They have made their first short film, "Paudha"   ("the plant").

Produced and written by Akshay, and with cinematography and editing by Pankaja on her Canon 1100D DSLR,  this was filmed by them and their wonderful team, primarily on the rural outskirts of Badlapur (a suburb on the far northeast of Mumbai) ,  and a bit of it in Badlapur proper.

Presenting ......